Year in Review: 2015
by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on January 5th, 2016

By: Darrell Jackson, The Glendale Star


New majority owner of Arizona Coyotes
The Arizona Coyotes future looked bright as Andrew Barroway was introduced as the new majority owner after purchasing 51 percent of the team.
It was the third time in less than two years that the Coyotes had a new majority owner when he was introduced Jan. 2.

“This is truly a dream come true for me and my family,” Barroway said. “I want to thank (co-owner Anthony LeBlanc) and George Gosbee for your hard work in getting this transaction done.”

In June, it was announced that Barroway was selling his majority control, but reports surfaced that he will remain as majority owner of the team.
City manager and chamber president have confrontation
In what was one of the biggest stories of the year, Glendale Chamber of Commerce President Robert Heidt said City Manager Brenda Fischer confronted him in a local restaurant.
“On Tuesday (Jan. 13), I was having lunch with our 2015 Chairman of the Board, Bobbi Magdaleno, at (a local restaurant),” Heidt said in the e-mail to the council. “While having lunch….(Fischer) asked could she interrupt for a moment regarding the recent situation with the event issues.”

Heidt said he was confronted by Fischer at a local public restaurant and she raised her voice at him and pointed her finger while berating him.
“She was confrontational, unprofessional and borderline attacking me,” Heidt said. “Her body language and she kept gesturing and pointing at me with her hands. The way she moved her body drew more attention to let people know that there was more than meets the eye.”
Two assistant managers of the restaurant and a patron not involved with either party have confirmed that the incident happened and that Fischer was asked to “take it outside if they were going to continue to argue.”

Fischer would be reprimanded by the council before resigning her post Feb. 12.

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