Fischer Resigns as City Manager During Executive Session
by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on February 12th, 2015

Posted The Glendale Star: Thursday, February 12, 2015 3:33 pm


After 17 months on the job, Glendale City Manager Brenda Fischer resigned Feb. 12 during a city council special workshop executive session.

The exact date and time of her resignation was unclear after a statement was read by Mayor Jerry Weiers following the meeting.

“Ms. Fischer has communicated to the mayor and council that she has accomplished all of her goals at the city and consequently intends to resign as city manager at a mutually agreeable time that does not negatively impact the work of the city,” Weiers said. “Ms. Fischer also thanked the mayor and the council for the opportunity to serve the city and its residents.”
Fischer, who was not in attendance at the executive session, had faced numerous questions from councilmembers about her recent actions.

The tipping point may have been a public records request Fischer submitted to the city clerk’s office, asking for e-mails from Councilmembers Lauren Tolmachoff, Bart Turner and Vice Mayor Ian Hugh. 

In the requests, obtained by The Glendale Star, Fischer asked for all “e-mails sent to and received by councilmember(s) Lauren Tolmachoff, Bart Turner and (vice-mayor) Ian Hugh’s city e-mail address from the time period Nov. 5, 2014 through Feb. 10, 2015.”

The purpose for requesting the e-mails Fischer listed was for, “personal use,” and she requested hard copies by Feb. 15.

“I thought it was an odd request,” Hugh said. “But just as if (the press) would ask for a public records request, my assistant immediately went to work on this one.”

Asked if he felt it was a personal attack on him, Hugh said he wasn’t sure what to think.
“It was an odd employer-employee relationship,” he said. “But, since a request was made, we were just following through with it.”

The Glendale Star published a report in January about Fischer confronting Glendale Chamber of Commerce president Robert Height in a local restaurant during which she raised her voice and pointed her finger while berating him.

“She was confrontational, unprofessional and borderline attacking me,” Heidt said in the article. “Her body language and she kept gesturing and pointing at me with her hands. The way she moved her body drew more attention to let people know that there was more than meets the eye.”

Two assistant managers of the restaurant and a patron not involved with either party have confirmed that the incident happened and that Fischer was asked to “take it outside if they were going to continue to argue.”

An emergency executive session was called by the city council Jan. 23 to discuss what to do about possible ethics and human resources violations by Fischer based on this incident.
The council met 3 to 6 p.m. and no reprimand or censure was given at that time, with the mayor saying then, “The city council and city manager had a productive discussion and a positive affirmation of the continuing relationship between the city council and city manager.”
Fischer took over as city manager July 2, 2013 after the city had been without one since Ed Beasley retired June 8, 2012.

She had been city manager of Maricopa from May 2011 until taking over in Glendale. She had helped Maricopa transform to one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona and oversaw the construction of its City Hall, two fire stations, a police station and regional park, among other things.

After the executive session Feb. 12, Weiers said in his prepared statement that, “(Fischer) also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with the great employees of the City of Glendale. The mayor and the council thanked Ms. Fischer for her dedicated service, wished her the best of luck in the future and will discuss with her the official resignation date at the appropriate time.”

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