Robocalls Retaliation of Special Interests
by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on January 29th, 2015

​Posted The Glendale Star: Thursday, January 29, 2015 2:45 am

The robocalls launched within minutes of Friday’s conclusion of a three-hour special meeting of the city council are far from innocent. In fact, with the anonymous questions attempting to spin public opinion 180 degrees from the truth, all while the executive session was convened to “discuss and consider the performance of the City Manager,” smacks of special interest that apparently has the most to lose if there were changes of any kind within the city manager’s office.

Attempting to mold the opinion of the public at large on the heels of a private meeting regarding an event only a handful of astute citizens even knew about at the time reeks of the type of urgent defensiveness displayed by those who feel seriously threatened.

The chamber and its president should be flattered by such a strategic call to arms, while they unintentionally set yet another new precedent resulting from the political fallout from the inexcusable conduct of city management. Never in its history has the Glendale Chamber of Commerce had such relevancy in business, as well as the community at large. Were fame their end game, would they not choose to be the victim of city harassment indefinitely?

Interestingly enough, the chamber president is the only one who has been completely honest, forthcoming and responsible for his role in these all too typical city controversies.
Unfortunately, the opposing powers and meddling influences lack the character and integrity to do the same.

Truth, honesty and accountability may seem like simple concepts, but apparently they are no longer considered politically correct by local leaders or policy makers.

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